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Building automation systems

from Knight Watch provide users with a reliable and customizable management solution to manually or automatically monitor and adjust your commercial building systems at once. Imagine sitting at your desk and navigating your security, fire, HVAC and lighting controls with just a few clicks. Building automation systems eliminate the need for users to take time to learn new interfaces after installing updates or new systems. Simply add the new system to your dashboard and customize your preferences.

A Building Automation System All About You

No instruction manual required.

When is the last time you downloaded an app on your phone and had to read an instruction manual? The odds are that every app you have used in the past was so intuitive that you didn’t need a manual. This was our goal when we developed our new building control system. We wanted to give users one platform that controls every system in their building and makes information just one click away.

Through complete system integration and the Internet of Things, buildings can now be more secure, efficient and easier to manage than ever before. New and old systems can now communicate through the web to work together in harmony.

Experience Full Control

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Information and Data Collection

Information and data collected by building automation systems provide key insights on how to adjust your systems to create a more efficient facility. Building automation systems can even learn from trends and adjust accordingly. If video surveillance detects a pattern in the number of occupants in an area, the system will identify the trend and adjust the lighting and heating/cooling accordingly.

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Save By Reducing Your Energy Intake

A properly installed building automation system from Knight Watch can pay for itself by significantly reducing your building’s energy intake. By using integration to leverage your existing systems, you can save approximately 36% per square foot to maintain your equipment compared to non-leveraged systems. Utility bills are also drastically reduced.

Building Automation System Benefits:

  • Saves users time switching between system interfaces

  • 20% lower installation costs due to the use of common hardware and software

  • Highly energy efficient when compared to non-leveraged systems (greener building)

  • More accurate alerting and data reporting

  • Instantly alerts users when failures or malfunctions occur

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Knight Watch is a certified EcoXpert, a title rewarded by Schneider Electric for professionalism in designing and installing building management and energy saving solutions.

Building automation systems 4-hour service

Building Automation Systems Backed with a 4-Hour Service Guarantee

Never wait more than 4-hours when your building automation systems need maintenance. Our expert Building Automation Technicians are available 24/7/365 to assist you when your systems malfunction, so you never have to worry about downtime or wasted energy.


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