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4 Reasons Why Facility Managers Can Benefit from Building Automation Systems

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Managing a facility can be a complicated process. Keeping occupants safe while maintaining a comfortable working environment requires many systems. Security systems, HVAC, lighting control and fire alarm systems are all vital to properly operate.


With the use of building automation systems, facility management is simpler and more effective. These systems provide facility managers with a central location to control and track multiple systems at once. Facilities with building automation, often referred to as “intelligent buildings,” see positive results as early as the installation phase.
Reducing time spent controlling systems, limiting resources and lowering costs are goals every facility manager hopes to achieve. Following is a list of benefits facility mangers can experience from building automation.

Better time management

Modern building automaton systems provide users with a central location to control HVAC and lighting, fire alarm, security systems and more. Normally, each system has their own user interface to control functions and make changes. Modern building automation systems provide users with a central location to control all their systems at once. This means there is less time dedicated to switching between interfaces and more time dedicated to focusing on other tasks.

Cost reduction 

Facilities with building automation systems experience more savings when compared to buildings with non-leveraged systems. One of the biggest factors in reducing costs is reducing energy consumption. Lighting, for example, is one of the most costly factors with energy bills. With building automation, lighting fixtures can be set to automatically turn on/off based on time of day, number of occupants in an area and the amount of natural light in a designated area. When lighting is used only when needed, energy bills are significantly reduced.

Reaching goals

Reaching yearly goals is an important part of facility management. Whether goals include reducing energy consumption by “X” amount or never spending over “X” amount on monthly energy bills, goals are an important part of operations. Building automation systems can help facility managers reach their goals through reporting and other techniques. Through practices such as demand lighting and load shedding, users can set their systems to never consume more energy than desired. 

Maintaining healthy equipment

Properly functioning equipment is critical for maintaining work productivity while avoiding the need to constantly perform maintenance. Building automation systems can detect when equipment is drifting beyond operational efficiency through power metering and other techniques. This means facilities can measure which equipment is using more energy than intended due to age or other factors.


Building automation is becoming a standard for most modern facilities. With the ability to reduce energy consumption and time spent managing different systems, building automation can be a facility manager’s best friend. Contact us for more information about building automation and how it can help you reach your goals. 

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