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4 Reasons Why Access Control Systems Are A Better Alternative Than Standard Keys

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Access control offers businesses an extra layer of security that standard keys cannot provide. With the increasing need to track who gains access to entrances and important materials, standard keys are becoming an obsolete method to keep buildings secure. Due to the benefits of access control and the affordable costs, most modern buildings have some kind of system in place.

Following is a list of reasons why access control is replacing standard keys for most businesses.

Lost or stolen keys are no longer an issue

Eliminating standard keys means eliminating standard locks. With access control, lost or stolen keys are no longer a major problem. When facilities distribute badges and cards to their staff, the devices are programmed and privileges are stored in a database. If a badge card or a key fob is lost or stolen, the security team simply has to remove that device’s information from the database and it will no longer be able to unlock doors. Deactivated devices are then useless when a non-employee tries to use them. 

Managers and owners can track employees

Many access control systems allow administrators to track which entrances employees used at what times. When employees scan their badge on a reader, that information is sent to the security system’s database. The database then creates a log for each user’s behavior. This tracking method can be beneficial for many reasons. For example, HR departments and managers can verify that employees arrive at work on time based on when they access doors. Tracking times and entrances used can also be critical in emergency situations. If a criminal obtains a badge before they are detected and the privileges are deleted, security can track their movements and which doors they have accessed, giving their location away in the building. 

The ability to grant access privileges

Access control devices can be programmed to control which employees gain access to which areas. Assigning access privileges is popular in hospitals and other healthcare buildings containing medication and personal files. For example, hospitals can program their cleaning staff’s badges to only open main entrances. If cleaning staff try to use their badges in classified areas, the locks will not release, ensuring that personal files and other important materials are not tampered with. 

You can secure more than just doors

Through the advancement and increased popularity of access control technology, these systems can be used for more than just door entrances. Cabinets and drawers containing important materials and information, data racks, gates and more all have the ability to have access control. These types of access control devices operate the same way as door entrances. 


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