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Agile Office Space: Using Web-Enabled Controls to Give Employees a Personalized Experience

Agile Office Space

Agile Office Space: Intelligent Controls for Individual Lighting and HVAC


It’s no surprise that companies of all sizes are beginning to abandon standard cubicles and adopt agile office space. Enterprise companies, fortune 500’s, creative agencies and more are making a transition to these open, collaborative working environments. With the ability to easily rearrange space, agile office space provides:

  • An environment that can always adapt to employee growth
  • An environment that encourages communication and creativity
  • An environment that boosts productivity
  • Cost savings on furniture and other office supplies

Agile office space has its benefits, but for Facility Mangers, the idea may seem like a hassle. Pulling wire, moving light switches and fixtures and resolving heating and cooling disputes are time consuming tasks. Luckily, intelligent, web-based lighting and HVAC controls and switches are now available for employees who work in agile office spaces. These systems make these spaces a lot easier to manage for Facility Managers.

Smart light switches

One of the benefits of agile office space is that the environment can constantly change. This means that lighting has to change in order to maintain its effectiveness. Livonia for example, has developed a smart light switch that removes the need to pull wire and move switches when office space changes. This smart switch is completely wireless and requires no batteries. How does it work? The kinetic energy that results from pressing the switch is enough to send a wireless signal to the lighting control system. This wireless signal then tells the system to turn the light on/off.

What do smart switches mean for Facility Managers? It means that moving switches only takes a fraction of the time when compared to standard switches. Because the switches are wireless, all Facility Mangers have to do is unscrew the switch from the wall and place it on another. The switches can even be mounted to walls by command strips or Velcro due to their light weight.


Agile Office Space Lighting Controls

Web-based lighting and HVAC controls

Every person is unique. For this reason, every employee has their own lighting and temperature preferences. Resolving temperature and lighting disputes is time consuming and difficult for Facility Managers. Some employees prefer their work space bright while others like it dark. With web-based lighting and HVAC controls, employees have the ability to create their perfect working environment by pressing a few buttons on their smart phone. Simply give them access to an app with the lighting and HVAC controls for their area and let them decide. If there is a change to the agile office space, all users have to do is change the location they have access to.

Please contact us for more information on how our systems can work with agile office space to improve the employee experience.

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