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Facial Recognition: Using Biometrics in the Security and Building Automation Industry

Facial Recognition for Security

Facial Recognition in the Security and Building Automation Industry

Facial recognition is becoming a major point of interest in the technology world. Companies such as Apple have adopted facial recognition to unlock their newly released iPhone X. Why is this method of unlocking devices becoming such a hit? Not only is it unique but it offers a level of security and authenticity that isn’t available using other methods.

This method of using facial biometrics to unlock devices seemed like a science fiction myth back in the day, but in recent years this technology has received a lot of excitement in the security and building automation industry. Eye and fingerprint readers have been adopted by the security industry in the past, but not until recent years has facial recognition began sprouting up.

You may have heard about the idea of facial recognition, but never thought about how diverse and useful the technology can be. Following is a list of some of the uses for facial recognition in the security and building automation industry.

Using facial recognition for access control

As previously mentioned, using facial recognition to unlock doors and other access points adds an even higher level of security to buildings. This method removes the need for keys, key codes, ID cards and fobs. This makes unlocking doors more efficient and secure than any other method of access control available.

Access control using facial recognition is possible through machine learning and CCTV. The CCTV system scans visitor’s faces and opens the door based on a level of confidence that the visitor’s facial biometrics matches with someone with the correct authority level. Every time the system recognizes a person’s face, it self learns and will become faster and more accurate. For this reason, it doesn’t matter if a person is wearing sunglasses one day or shaves their beard. The system will learn these different characteristics and use it to improve itself.

The process of unlocking doors based on facial biometrics is useful for many fields. In healthcare, doctors who cannot touch door handles because they have to remain sterile can simply open doors by looking at a surveillance camera. The elderly who cannot easily open doors can do so by looking at a surveillance camera.

Setting custom lighting and temperature

Facial recognition gives employees a way to create their perfect working environment just by walking through a front door. HVAC and lighting can be integrated with facial recognition to automatically adjust to an employee’s preference when their face is recognized by CCTV. This way once they arrive at their office, their temperature and lighting will be adjusted to their liking without them touching a thermostat or light switch.

Leaving messages for employees who you cannot reach

Not everybody constantly checks their email or phone during the work day. Similarly, not everyone is always at their desk when they are needed by coworkers. Businesses can implement facial recognition to leave audio messages for coworkers once their faces are recognized by CCTV. For example, if an employee needs to speak with a coworker but cannot reach them via phone and they are not in their office, they can leave a message in the system for them. Once a surveillance camera recognizes that coworker walking through a hallway, the audio message will play for them. This ensures that coworkers will receive important messages in a timely manor. 
Facial recognition is a powerful tool that can make businesses more secure and efficient. Along with these pros, this technology can be added to current systems that are already in place.
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