Knight Watch is excited to announce our recent acquisition of VidCom Solutions out of Lansing, Michigan.

Power Reporting with Just a Few Clicks: Video Demonstration

Power reporting is essential for identifying where there are opportunities for your business to reduce energy intake. Power consumption, power quality and trends all offer valuable insights on what is consuming the most energy at what times. As important as this information is, power reporting isn’t always convenient. It is often that Facility Managers are capable of creating these reports, but it is difficult and time consuming because the process consists of switching between different power metering systems to find what is needed.

With Knight Watch’s web-based power reporting, accessing information about your buildings’ energy consumption takes a few simple clicks. Simply visit the power section of the system, choose which report you would like to run and that’s it. You can then choose to download the power report as a PDF, Excel file or Tiff image file. This system makes creating and sending monthly and yearly reports simple, especially when the reports have to be shared with coworkers.

Please contact us to schedule a demo or to learn more about our power metering solutions. 

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