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RFID: A Smart Way to Track Objects and Employees

RFID Protection

Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID) has become one the most effective techniques for tracking the location of people and objects, without the need to dedicate staff to physically watch them. These tracking devices work by storing unique information in small, concealable tags that communicate with databases.

Tracking objects and employees has become popular among healthcare entities, retail environments and manufacturing facilities due to their reliability, size and inability to be duplicated. In the past years, RFID has become a crucial part of life safety and asset tracking strategies. Below are a few examples of the different uses these powerful devices can be used for.

Wandering patients and infants

RFID allows healthcare entities to track patients who are unable to take care of themselves due to age. Manufacturers, such as Elpas, create small, easy to use RFID charms that are worn either around wrists or necks of infants and elderly patients. If these patients are carried or walk near unauthorized exits, the name of the patient and location is communicated with the proper personnel.

Similarly, healthcare entities use RFID to identify newborns so there are no mismatches when they leave the hospital.

Lone worker safety

RFID devices are ideal for staff who are constantly moving throughout a building or campus. Correctional officers are a perfect example. If a correctional officer wearing an RFID device faces an emergency situation with an inmate, the location and name of the officer is communicated to other officers so they can send help. These devices are typically located in small badges or buttons worn by officers. During an incident, all they have to do is push one button and help will be on the way.

Asset tracking in stores and assembly lines

RFID devices are becoming increasingly popular with retail stores and manufacturing plants due to the benefits of tracking assets electronically. These devices have become a quicker and more efficient alternative to inventory tracking than manually counting and entering data. By attaching RFID devices to inventory, retail stores are able to track which objects have left shelves and how many are remaining. This strategy significantly reduces time spent manually entering data into computers.

In manufacturing plants, businesses are beginning to use location tracking to monitor the progress of goods as they cycle through the manufacturing process. This allows workers to quickly identify goods and track when timing can be improved.

Tracking valuable assets 

Art museums, banks and other entities with highly valuable assets are adopting RFID as a loss prevention technique. Because of their small size, these tracking devices are commonly placed on money and pieces of art that are at risk of being stolen. If these assets leave the premises before detection, authorities can track the objects and take corrective action.


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