Knight Watch is excited to announce our recent acquisition of VidCom Solutions out of Lansing, Michigan.

Visitor Management

Fast, accurate and secure check-ins.
Unidentified visitors are potential threats to any sized facility’s assets and employees. With the implementation of visitor management systems, this threat is eliminated. These systems allow you to accurately track and report information about every visitor that enters your facility. Once visitor information is collected, it is stored for later analysis.

Regardless of your business size, Knight Watch will design a system that will make your facility more secure and professional.

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Smoother check-ins

No more standing in line or lengthy paperwork. Visitor management systems speed up the check-in process by requiring visitors to fill out necessary information on a digital screen, resulting in faster visits and more check-ins.
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Visitor database reporting

Visitor management systems automatically create reports containing visitor names, reasons for visiting, criminal backgrounds and more. Data entry errors are significantly decreased by eliminating illegible hand written forms.
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Maximize security

Visitor management systems offer a safe and secure solution for educational and healthcare facilities. Filters such as name and criminal background automatically deny unwanted visitors from entering your buildings.


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