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3 Signs That You Need a Building Automation System

Signs that you need building automation

There are many factors that can make facilities go backwards in productivity. Lost time, money and resources is something businesses are always trying to avoid. Fortunately, building automation systems can make a significant difference in the operational efficiency of buildings and the systems they use.

Although many facilities have adopted building automation systems, it is still a foreign solution for some. You may be experiencing some signs that you need building automation, but you didn’t know this type of system could help.

The following is a list of signs that you may need a building automation system.


You spend too much time on day-to-day tasks

There are a lot of different systems that are required in order to make a facility safe, comfortable and efficient. On average, most facility managers operate:

  • CCTV systems
  • Access control systems
  • Burgular systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Fire systems
  • Power metering systems

Manually adjusting and scheduling these different systems can be a time consuming task. If you find that you spend too much time logging in and out of your systems, you may not feel as productive as you would like to be. Scheduling when lighting turns off, adjusting temperature before/after hours, checking the status of fire alarms and other operational tasks can be overwhelming.

Luckily, building automation systems drastically reduce time spent performing these different tasks. As the name suggests, building automation systems automate events in buildings. Instead of taking the time to turn lighting on/off at different points of the day, the system can automatically adjust based on time or occupancy. Similarly, HVAC can adjust without the need of manual inputs.

Wasted energy

Your buildings aren’t as energy efficient as you would like them to be

Utility bills are large expenses for any business, especially large factories and plants. With the push for greener buildings, businesses often receive incentives for better energy efficiency. Two of the largest factors contributing to high utility bills are improper lighting and HVAC practices. On average, lighting makes up for around 40% of utility bills. How many times have you passed a large building during the evening and all of the lights were on but no one was there?

Building automation systems can make facilities energy efficient through more than just automated lighting. Automating HVAC systems can also significantly reduce energy consumption. Instead of fully heating a building when only the cleaning staff are working after hours, building automation tells the system to only heat the areas that are being cleaned. These functions can be automated based on a schedule or the number of access cards swiped in an area.


Your equipment’s life cycles are too short

When buildings use utility equipment too frequently or push them more than they were originally designed, their life cycles become reduced. Without an efficient way to notify users that the equipment needs maintenance, it can drift beyond operational efficiency. This results in high repair costs or even complete replacement of equipment. With building automation, users are notified as soon as there is an issue with equipment. Once generators, HVAC, lighting and other systems become damaged or malfunctional, notifications via text or email can be sent to users for immediate action.

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