Knight Watch is excited to announce our recent acquisition of VidCom Solutions out of Lansing, Michigan.

AV Talk Down

Keep your employees and visitors safe through audio and visual solutions.

Keeping your employees, patients and visitors safe 24/7 is a main priority for facility owners, but owners don’t always possess the resources to constantly keep an eye on every individual in person and through surveillance footage. Audiovisual (AV) talk down utilizes two-way surveillance camera and microphone integration to monitor specific areas, allowing communication and from one area to another.

Knight Watch utilizes AV talk down’s programmable solutions in numerous industry settings. In healthcare facilities, AV talk down replaces the need for placing patient sitters in every room. By installing surveillance cameras with microphone integration, staff are alerted when patients call for help or leave invisible boundaries. Imagine virtual boxes surrounding your patients’ beds that send instant notification when patients leave it. You can then view the footage and speak with the patient or send staff to assist. Any “rule” can be applied to AV talk down systems, offering flexibility and versatility to employee and visitor protection.

AV talk down is changing the way employees and visitors are kept out of harm’s way. At Knight Watch, we will design and install an AV system that will save you resources and maximize safety.

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