Knight Watch is excited to announce our recent acquisition of VidCom Solutions out of Lansing, Michigan.

Database Reporting and Archiving

Gain valuable big data insights that drive business decisions.

The data your systems collect is a decisive factor in determining how your facility can operate to its fullest potential. At Knight Watch, we understand the importance of data, that’s why we developed a solution to receive the most from it.

Through the use of database reporting and archiving, data such as most frequent alarms, access event statistics, area capacity and more is automatically collected, displayed and stored for future analysis. With the simple click and drag of boxes, you can customize a facility dashboard to display which information is most important to you. Facility dashboards clearly indicate if your operational goals and objectives are being accomplished by providing clear and simple charts and graphs that display trends, anomalies and opportunities for improvement.

We understand the importance of drawing insights from big data. Knight Watch will program and install a database reporting and archiving solution that will utilize your data to its fullest potential.

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