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The Internet of Things and the Security Industry

The Internet of Things and Security Systems

When is the last time you walked into at a store, restaurant or peer’s house and you didn’t have your smartphone with you? Or there wasn’t WiFi available? The odds are you aren’t able to recall a moment like this in the past few years. The internet has taken over and most devices are able to connect to it in some way.

According to Internet Live Stats, 88.5% of the U.S. population are internet users. Additionally, According to Pew Research, 77% of the U.S. population owns a smartphone.

Due to these facts, the Internet of Things has taken over the technology industry. The electronic security industry is no different. The Internet of Things is defined as the ability for devices to communicate and exchange data through an internet connection. This ties closely with system integration, which is becoming a standard for security systems, access control, CCTV, fire alarm, HVAC and other building automation systems. 
 It’s no surprise that The Internet of Things is here to stay in the security industry. Here are some of the advantages this method offers.

Accessibility from anywhere with a connection

The Internet of Things taking over the security industry means facility managers and business owners can check on their building anywhere with an internet connection using a smartphone, computer or tablet. For example, if a company’s security, CCTV, fire alarm and HVAC system are integrated together, users can check the status of their security system, check camera views and temperatures from a smartphone. This offers full control and peace of mind. If a facility manager is in bed at night and wants to check the status of their fire system, all they have to do is go to the app on their phone and check with just a few clicks. 

Communication and data exchanging between systems

The Internet of Things allows systems to exchange big data and communicate with one another, increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs. Data from video surveillance cameras can exchange data with HVAC systems to work together in harmony. If a surveillance camera detects there are a high number of occupants in an area, it will communicate with the HVAC system to cool down the area and provide maximum comfort.
The Internet of Things allows users to monitor the energy consumption of their buildings’ systems. Trends, peak demand and anomalies are all displayed so users can identify how to saves costs and detect systems that are becoming inefficient.

Ease of use

The Internet of Things and system integration makes managing and monitoring facilities easier than ever. If systems communicate and integrate to one web-based platform, time spent switching between interfaces is significantly reduced. Instead of logging in and out of different interfaces, every system is combined into one, so information is only a few clicks away.

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