Knight Watch is excited to announce our recent acquisition of VidCom Solutions out of Lansing, Michigan.

Vertex Integration Joins the Knight Watch Family

Vertex Integration Joins Knight Watch

The Knight Watch Family is Growing 

Knight Watch is continuing to expand its presence by inviting Vertex Integration, a Grand Rapids-based Integrator specializing in building automation, to join their family.

We are excited for Vertex Integration to be joining our family so we can continue to grow our HVAC and building automation division while developing more custom integration solutions. Much like Knight Watch, Vertex Integration is Internet of Things focused and believes in simplifying complex buildings.

Vertex operates out of Hudsonville, Michigan and serves businesses all over the state. Their primary markets include manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, hospitals, airports, correctional facilities and more. Their team comprises of 17 employees who are a mix of Programmers, Electricians, Technicians and Account Managers. The company was founded in 2010.


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What does this mean for our clients?

Business will operate as usual, but you will now have access to a larger team of building automation, lighting, energy and HVAC experts. Vertex has earned an outstanding reputation over the years and shares many of the same visions about the future of IoT and intelligent buildings as Knight Watch. More brain power and great minds leads to more innovation for our clients. This news also means that our already best-in-class service will continue to improves the lives of our clients.

What does this mean for Knight Watch and Vertex Integration?

We will continue to make businesses around the world more secure and efficient. We will now have a larger building automation team and more minds to come together for new and exciting ideas for the future.


Please contact us to learn more about this news or visit our building automation page to learn more about how we simplify complex buildings.


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