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Video Analytics – More Than Just Security

Video surveillance camera in retail store

Video analytics are becoming an important asset for companies that want to take their surveillance systems to the next level. With the ability to identify people and objects, analytics are intelligent tools to catch criminals in the act.

Video analytics are becoming so advanced that systems are able to identify trends without user operation. For this reason, new ways of using these powerful systems are constantly being developed. From marketing testing to traffic insights, video analytics are playing a vital role in how companies operate.

Following is a list of video analytics applications that may not be the first to come to mind.

Retail environments

When people think of video surveillance systems, they don’t usually think of them as tools to help increase sales. Retail stores can use video analytics to track which areas of their floor receive the most customer traffic. If stores have a new product display, analytics can track how many customers visited the display and for how long. Store owners can use these insights to experiment with different locations and product messages to reach sales goals.

This method of testing is applicable for the outside of stores as well. Analytics can track how many people enter your store versus how many walk past it.

Parking lots and driveways 

Video analytics not only detect cars, but also the direction they are traveling. If vehicles drive the wrong way on a one-way street, analytics will send notifications to the appropriate staff. Notifications include footage of the car as well as the time and path traveled. Staff can then take quick, corrective action instead of finding out about the incident when it’s too late.

Like retail stores, users can detect which roads and parking lots receive the most traffic. Analytics can provide useful information such as how many cars have driven through an area, what times of day receive the most traffic and more. This information is useful for planning future construction projects and events.

Workers by ledges 

Employees who work in environments with ledges or other dangerous obstacles can never take too many precautions. Large construction projects often have too many workers to always keep an eye on. Video analytics can monitor workers and alert safety managers when they get too close to tall ledges or other off-limits areas. If there is a large hole in a construction zone, analytics can place a box around it and send alerts when workers enter it.

License plate recognition 

Video analytics have the ability to recognize license plates and store the information for later use. If a car enters a facility and breaks a rule, their license plate information can be stored for future analysis. If the vehicle visits a facility again, the system will recognize the license plate and send notification to the proper staff.

Any business can benefit from modern video analytics. Whether it be for security or business purposes, having a self learning, digital eye to assist in operations is beneficial. Contact us today or visit our video analytics page to learn more about how analytics can help achieve your business goals.

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