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What is a Security Integrator?

Security Integrator

What is a Security Integrator?

During the product research phase of a CCTV upgrade or an access control system for a new building, you may have heard the phrase “you need a security integrator” from a colleague or manufacturer. Certainly, you have heard and worked with fire alarm or security installers in the past, but maybe you haven’t been exposed to a security integrator and the services they provide.

First, what does “integration” mean? It can be defined as making separate entities come together and work as a whole. This idea is what drives security integrators to do what they do.

Security integrators are more than just companies who install security, CCTV, access control and fire alarm systems. They are innovative companies that design, install and connect systems to work together to make buildings more secure and efficient.

With the world shifting toward an age where everything is easily accessible and just a few clicks away, integrators are growing in popularity. Following is a list of qualities that successful security integrators posses.

The ability to integrate for better efficiency

This may seem obvious, but security integration takes special skill and knowledge, both about technical systems and the security and building automation industry. Many business owners and facility managers aren’t aware of what system integration truly is and the benefits that result from it. An example of system integration is integrating lighting controls with an access control system to save energy. Through this practice, lighting in an area can automatically adjust based on the number of cards swiped.

Security integration requires technical knowledge and creativity. Integration is all about finding ways to make different kids of systems communicate and exchange information. This means HVAC, fire alarm, lighting, security, visitor management systems and more can work together in harmony.

Bringing systems together increases efficiency and makes building management simpler and more effective for business owners and facility managers.

Staying up-to-date with the industry

Similar to every other industry that is driven by technology, the electronic security industry is always changing and improving. The companies who keep up with the latest trends and provide cutting-edge solutions are the ones who succeed.

CCTV, fire alarm, access control and other manufacturers are constantly developing new technology to make buildings more secure and efficient. This means those who design and install the systems always have to be on top of the updates.

IT focused

The Internet of Things has taken over the technology industry, especially the security side. The Internet of Things is the practice of making systems communicate and exchange data through the web. For this reason, security integrators are beginning to create their own IT departments. The IT departments specialize in coding, programming and other skills required for integration and communication through the web.

Having an in-house IT departmens means technology and better ways of doing things are always being developed to bring to businesses.

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