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Wireless Light Switches: How Do They Work?

Wireless light switches may look simple, consisting of an enclosure, a few screws and a switch or rocker that turn lights on/off, but they are actually more advanced than they seem. Similar to other devices available on the market, these switches pack a lot of technology in a small space. With the ability to move to virtually any location, wireless light switches are a perfect solution for agile office spaces or any other areas that are constantly rearranging. 
The technology found in these wireless light switches is similar to what is found in the mechanically powered flashlight you might have in your car or in your vacation cabin. Mechanically powered flashlights require no batteries, but still provide light by either turning a crank or shaking the flashlight.
This is the same concept for wireless light switches. The act of pressing the switch generates enough energy to send a wireless signal to the lighting system, which then turns lights on/off. Because this pressing motion is what powers these switches, they consume no power. 
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