The Internet of Things and the Security Industry

When is the last time you walked into at a store, restaurant or peer's house and you didn't have your smartphone with you? Or there wasn't WiFi available? The odds are you aren't able to recall a moment like this in the past few years. The internet has...

RFID: A Smart Way to Track Objects and Employees

Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID) has become one the most effective techniques for tracking the location of people and objects, without the need to dedicate staff to physically watch them. These tracking devices work by storing unique information in small,...

Mass Notification – An Upcoming Safety Standard

In the break of an emergency situation, it is important to have a quick, multi-layered notification system. For this reason, mass notification systems are becoming a safety standard for facilities around the world. Mass notification systems send alerts and...

Video Analytics – More Than Just Security

Video analytics are becoming an important asset for companies that want to take their surveillance systems to the next level. With the ability to identify people and objects, analytics are intelligent tools to catch criminals in the act. Video analytics are becoming...

6 Energy Saving Strategies Any Commercial Facility Can Benefit From

Reducing operational costs and energy usage are goals every facility owner hopes to achieve. With national and local building codes requiring businesses to become more green, new energy saving methods are constantly being developed. Approximately 40% of commercial...

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