Video management for security professionals anytime, anywhere.

With video surveillance, you have access to insights that enable you to detect and respond to incidents before they escalate – keeping your team and assets safe. Moreover, Knight Watch offers cost-effective video surveillance solutions for enterprise security systems. 

From new builds to additions and integrations with existing systems, Knight Watch provides cutting-edge video solutions for enterprise organizations at every level. 

Real-time detection
and response

Video analytics offer an additional level of security that will increase accuracy and efficiency when identifying objects, people, and movement, particularly. The software is simple to use and provides endless possibilities when it comes to crime prevention and identifying potential threats, including:


Know when specific people enter your facility and track their movements.


Identify objects, patterns, or regions of interest in your video footage.

Plate Recognition

Spot suspicious behavior and analyze license plates to prevent crime and identify potential threats.

Unusual Motion Detection

Analyze people, vehicles, and objects based on patterns they exhibit.


Perform highly-intuitive search based on color, patterns, and regions of interest in a video.


Gain valuable insight about behavior and interactions with customers or employees.

Types of Video Surveillance

We understand security needs are very personal to each and every client. That’s why we offer a range of video surveillance camera options to best meet your needs. From IP cameras, to cloud video streaming, our team of video surveillance experts can help find a solution that is not only reliable and intelligent but also cost effective.

  • Indoor video surveillance
  • Outdoor video surveillance
  • IP video cameras
  • IR and night vision cameras
  • Cloud-based video management
  • Local and cloud hosting

Knight Watch offers a variety of smart integration options for your video surveillance systems. We can incorporate your video surveillance with other systems in your enterprise to better protect you and your data.

Access control integration

Avoid errors, reduce waste, and increase efficiency with precise video surveillance of key access points. By integrating your video surveillance and access control systems, you can verify that the correct person is using the right badge and that they have entered their location on time – every time.  

Fire alarm integration

Boost your confidence and gain extra information needed to verify an emergency while safeguarding your business and its property 24/7/365.

Temperature and lighting control integration

You can understand your usage patterns and create better ways of working while automatically adjusting for changes in room occupancy — even if you’re not there to see it.

HVAC integration

Measure environmental conditions and gauge equipment displays for real-time notification alerts when you integrate your building’s HVAC system.