Touchless, Reliable, Mobile, and Secure.

Access control systems, in addition to being a safer alternative to standard keys, offer a more efficient solution for granting and automatically revoking access privileges. These systems provide enhanced security, ensuring that only authorized individuals can gain access to specific areas.

Your Control, Your Way

Knight Watch can expertly install an electronic access control system, commonly referred to as door access control, in your facility. This system delivers comprehensive control over who gains entry to secured areas, all through a designated method. In fact, your restricted areas can solely be accessed via various secure methods such as ID cards, fingerprints, facial recognition, or smartphones, when you opt for Knight Watch’s cutting-edge access control solutions.

Flexible Platform

Easily schedule when doors automatically lock or unlock based on time of day.

Powerful Technology

Contactless cards, smartphones, and key fobs use radio-frequency identification for entry, which takes away the need to physically touch readers.

Maximum Security

Know who entered when and where for your upcoming accreditation or audit. Only authorized individuals are able to unlock or enter restricted areas.

Long-Range Access

Drivers may pass through a barrier gate equipped with an access control system without getting out of their vehicles using RFID cards that have long-range reading zones.

Control who enters selected doors, prevent visitors from accessing confidential information, and grant authority to staff quickly and easily.

A Safer Alternative to Standard Keys

Managing entry points is now more convenient than ever. Our web-based systems empower users to assume command from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling them to… 

⦿  Lock, temporarily unlock, and permanently lock doors, data racks, gates, and more by hovering over lock icons

⦿  View when doors or other entry points are open (when they shouldn’t be)

⦿  Check status 24/7/365

⦿  View points by zone or floor

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