Our Story

Knight Watch was founded in 1994 with two brothers from Michigan, Eric and Aaron Lindsley, who took their passion for providing security to those in need to build Knight Watch into what it is today. 

Three notable aspects define our reputation: simplifying complex buildings, turnkey solutions, and assurance of 4-hour service. Our focus is helping your business thrive. When you choose Knight Watch, you get a team of world-class engineers, software developers, project managers, and dedicated field staff who go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

We take complete ownership of your experience, offering a comprehensive range of services, including the integration of security, fire protection, HVAC controls, power metering, and automated lighting. Headquartered in Michigan, we provide coverage in over 50 countries and counting. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the security, comfort, and energy efficiency of your enterprise.


Knight Watch incorporated the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) into business practices in 2018, allowing us to reset our focus and lay a new foundation for growth. Incorporating the EOS concepts and practical tools enabled us to strategically grow while supporting hundreds of commercial enterprises regardless of their size. We continue to practice the EOS principles throughout the company.

Our Purpose

We make buildings secure, comfortable, and energy efficient.

Our Mission

We are “driven” to provide solutions that better the lives of our customers and employees.

operating in over 40 countries
Core Values


We go above and beyond because it’s the right thing to do. We are a family of self-starting and motivated people who do what needs to be done without having to be told.

Team Player-01

Team Player

“That’s not my job.” is not in our vocabulary. At Knight Watch we’re always available to help each other regardless of our job description.



We are confident enough to make decisions quickly and communicate effectively with our customers, vendors, and each other. We make mistakes and own them.



We aren’t problem dump trucks. We are fun pick up trucks. Everyone deserves to have a great day. We value people that lift others up.

Problem Solver-01

Problem Solver

We are relentless in looking for ways to solve problems for our customers and teammates. We value people who bring creative and innovative solutions.