Keeping your business safe and secure with an intrusion alarm system

Effective intrusion systems are vitally important to protecting your people and assets. When an intrusion has been detected, it is important that building owners and occupants are notified as quickly as possible, so everyone remains safe.

Protect your staff, customers, and facilities

Protect your staff, customers, and facilities from emergencies through detailed monitoring and early detection. Quickly assess the locations of intrusion alarm systems on a floor plan or map in a multi-site enterprise building. Zoom in on an exact address to immediately locate the nearest intrusion alarm system.

Real-time Notifications

Notifications are sent to your device when the fire and/or intrusion alarm system is activated.

Panic Alarms

Give your team peace-of-mind to know when help is only a button-push away.

Affordable Maintenance & Service Inspections

We offer fixed maintenance agreements and inspection services that keep your system in proper working condition at a low cost. You choose which plan best fits your requirements.

24/7 Monitoring

Our intrusion alarm systems are equipped with 24/7 UL-listed central station monitoring. If a problem arises, we will know and will send help immediately.

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