Comfort and Control with Energy Savings

Commercial HVAC control systems offer comprehensive control. They enable users to easily view and adjust a facility’s temperature, humidity, building pressure, fresh air intake, and other conditions. These systems minimize energy consumption while providing efficient control.

Increase energy savings and provide comfort for personnel and visitors using HVAC control

Knight Watch commercial HVAC control systems offer a range of customizable features. The system can schedule environmental conditions, display trends, and send notifications when temperature or pressure fails to meet your requirements. They seamlessly integrate with your current automation systems. Additionally, our simple-to-use software and hardware, combined with our 24/7/365 technical support, provide you with the tools needed to operate your own building automation system.

A Perfect Environment

System administrators have the control they need to create the perfect environment for their facility from any network-accessed PC, smartphone, or tablet.

⦿ Modify temperatures by zone

⦿ Adjust HVAC schedules

⦿ Set global standards

⦿ Customize setpoints

⦿ View and export trends and analytics 

Our team of Certified Energy Managers® and LEED® Accredited Professionals harness their expertise and knowledge to transform facilities of any size, regardless of their developmental stage, into more eco-friendly environments. Leveraging advanced HVAC control systems and innovative solutions, we tailor strategies to optimize energy efficiency and sustainability measures within your facility.

Integrate your hvac controls with...

Lighting Controls

Tailor lighting zones for an ideal workspace, saving your company energy. Adjust lighting manually, on a schedule, or in an eco-friendly mode to meet safety and productivity requirements, ensuring imeediate energy savings.


Power Metering

Knight Watch offers a straight-forward solution to monitor energy usage. Receive intuitive data reports on energy consumption, peak usage, and insights to cut utility costs to enhance your building’s sustainability.

Occupancy Sensors

Integrate highly accurate occupancy sensors with intelligent building controls to achieve proper lighting levels necessary for the number of people in an area, whether it be one person or thousands.

Knight Watch and HVAC