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Fire Alarm

Reliable fire alarm systems that you can count on.

Fire damage can devastate your business, but implementing a reliable and highly accurate fire alarm system in your facility allows you to detect an emergency from any location, the moment it happens.

Protect your occupants and facility from emergencies through detailed monitoring and early detection.

A fire monitoring system that keeps you in the know

When a fire ignites, it is vital that building owners and occupants are notified as quickly as possible so everyone remains safe. Through our web-based fire alarm system, users are notified through text, screen takeover or email when an emergency begins. Each time a user opens the fire system, signals reach out to each alarm checking their status. This provides a peace of mind that the status displayed under each alarm is accurate. Through the system, users can:


  • Receive emails, text messages and screen takeovers when signs of a fire are detected
  • Check each zone’s status
  • View maps of floors and the locations of fire alarms
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Mass notification

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24/7 monitoring

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Effortless inspection reporting

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Save money while staying secure

Notifications sent to any device when your fire alarm system is activated.

We offer 24/7 UL Listed Central Station Monitoring for your fire system. If a problem arises, we will know and will send help immediately.

Creating fire system inspection reports has never been simpler. Fire systems installed by Knight Watch feature easy-to-use, accurate reporting.

We offer fixed maintenance agreements and inspection services that keep your system in proper working condition at a low cost. You choose which plan best fits your requirements.

Fire alarm system - 4-hour service guarantee

Fire Alarm Systems Supported with a 4-Hour Service Guarantee

Never wait more than 4-hours when your fire alarm system needs maintenance. Our expert Fire Alarm Technicians are available 24/7/365 to assist you when your system malfunctions, so you never have to worry about downtime during an emergency.


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Certified Protection

Our team of NICET IV Certified Engineers and CAD Designers will partner with you to design an intelligent fire alarm system that will keep your commercial space and its occupants safe 24/7.

NICET IV Certification

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