The Master Security Integrator You Didn't Know You Needed

We are driven to provide solutions that better the lives of our customers and employees.

The master security integrator you didn't know you needed

We are driven to provide solutions that better the lives of our customers and employees.

Introducing Knight Watch



Knight Watch provides technical expertise, along with superior software development and deployment, hardware integration, and full-stack technology developers to design custom security solutions for you. 


Gain a cost-effective, comprehensive security solution that protects patients and staff across multiple locations while still being flexible enough to scale.


From K-12 to Higher Education, we offer security solutions to keep students and staff safe.


Deploy effective security technology solutions to deter crime and vandalism, proactively respond to events, and keep the community safe with a partner you can be confident in.


Implement powerful, scalable enterprise security with a unified system so that even the most remote locations can be monitored from a centralized, analytics-enabled platform.


Mitigate risk with high-resolution video surveillance to provide improved situational awareness and video evidence with remote viewing in your manufacturing environment.


Protect your data by deploying a sophisticated access control system to help protect their data center as well as video surveillance – all within the same dashboard.


From arenas, stadiums, and event venues, comprehensive security solutions will keep your employees and patrons safe.


Mitigate contamination, theft, and tampering, ensuring the safety and integrity of products, and protecting your assets and people while maintaining regulatory compliance.


Prevent unauthorized access to controlled substances and ensure compliance with strict regulatory standards to safeguard against theft and tampering with full-scale solutions.