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HVAC Control

Dial in energy savings while providing comfort to your employees and visitors using HVAC control

HVAC controls are one of the most important tools for controlling energy usage while maintaining a comfortable environment for employees and visitors. Commercial HVAC control systems allow users to easily view and adjust a facility’s temperature, humidity, building pressure, fresh air intake and other conditions, while minimizing the amount of energy consumed.

Commercial HVAC control systems from Knight Watch are customizable to schedule environmental conditions, display trends and send notifications when temperature or pressure fails to meet your requirements.

Our team of Certified Energy Managers® and LEED® Accredited Professionals possess the skill and knowledge to make any sized facility at any stage of development greener through the use of advanced HVAC control systems.

Adjust HVAC temperatures, schedules, humidity and more – all through the web

By utilizing the power of the Internet of Things, creating the perfect environment is possible from any location. By interacting with the intuitive live graphics, users can:


  • Adjust temperatures by zone
  • Set global standards
  • Adjust HVAC schedules
  • View and export trends and graphs
  • Customize HVAC setpoints
  • View system status

Common Integration Options

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Integration with lighting controls

Reduce heating/cooling and lighting in unoccupied spaces to help reduce wasted energy.

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Integration with surveillance cameras

Set environmental conditions to automatically adjust when surveillance cameras use video analytics to detect people and objects in designated areas.

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Integration with access control

Adjust heating/cooling based on employee preference and the number of occupants in an area.

HVAC control - 4-hour service

HVAC Control Supported with a 4-Hour Service Guarantee

Never wait more than 4-hours when your HVAC control system needs maintenance. Our expert HVAC Technicians are available 24/7/365 to assist you when your system malfunctions, so you never have to worry about downtime or wasted energy.

Choose how you control

HVAC systems can be accessed and customized on and off site, providing your visitors and employees with a comfortable environment during all hours of the day.

Administrators can control their facility from any networked accessed PC, smartphone or tablet.

HVAC Integration

Integrating your HVAC control system with your other building systems offers one of the most effective energy saving strategies for any sized facility.


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