Knight Watch to Make Schools Safer with Security Upgrades

Kalamazoo, Mich. (Knight Watch, Inc.) February 23rd, 2023: In 2022, US Lawmakers approved funding for schools to create a safer environment. A federal bill would provide $1 Billion towards this effort with an additional $300 Million allocated for equipment and training. School districts looking to upgrade their current systems or refresh with a new infrastructure altogether should align their long-term goals with the right partner in mind.

With trends gravitating towards cloud-based systems, vape-detection, lockdown features, and integration between video and access, schools can be at the forefront for safety for students and staff. Amber Weeks, Global Business Development Director at Knight Watch, stated “Facial recognition analytics built into the video surveillance systems would also benefit schools. This feature allows the school district to blacklist a person who has proven to be a threat.” Weeks mentioned that 180-degree perimeter detection and additional coverage in drop-off locations is also essential for student and staff safety.

The focus is expected to be on the integration between video surveillance and access control. With these integrations, schools can pre-assign permissions to their local law enforcement agencies – granting authorities to track the threat as it moves and better execute a safe and reliable action plan. In addition to video and access control, there is an expected uptick in lockdown equipment and procedure requests.

Finding the right security consultant that provides options for manufacturers and products is important; however, it’s not the only component. Amber Weeks stated, “Never walk into a project with a manufacturer in mind; you need to listen to the customer and determine the best fit based on their needs.” Assisting each district or campus by formulating a secure process will also contribute to ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff. While having the proper equipment is necessary, having a thorough process in place is critical.

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