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Access Control

Manage who enters restricted areas using customized door access.

Installing commercial access control systems in your facility provides you with complete control of who enters locked doors, using a designated method. Controlling who can enter selected doors prevents visitors from accessing confidential information and assets. Restricted areas can be accessed through ID cards, fingerprints, facial recognition, smartphones and more.

Access control systems are not only a safer alternative to standard keys, but also a better solution to assign authority and remove access privileges in a quick and simple manner. To change access based on authority or to disable a former employee’s card, simply update the database.

Access Control

Access control management through the web

Controlling access points has never been easier. Our web-based access control system allows users to take control from any location with an internet connection. Users can:


  • Lock, temporarily unlock and permanently lock doors, data racks, gates, and more by hovering over lock icons
  • View when doors or other entry points are propped open when they shouldn’t be
  • Check access control status
  • View access control points by zone or floor

Track and manage how your employees gain access

On your time

Easily schedule when doors automatically lock/unlock based on time of day

No contact required

Contactless cards, smartphones and key fobs all use radio-frequency identification for entry, which takes away the need to physically touch readers

Maximum security

Installing biometric readers provides the highest level of security by allowing access through the authentication of hands, face and eyes to enter restricted areas.

Access from a distance

Long Range RFID cards read at longer distances, allowing employees in vehicles to access gates without getting out of their vehicles.

Access control - 4-hour service

Access Control Supported with a 4-Hour Service Guarantee

Never wait more than 4-hours when your door access system needs maintenance. Our expert Access Control Technicians are available 24/7/365 to assist you when your system malfunctions, so you never have to worry about downtime during an emergency.

Monitor your building access control system off and on sight

Never miss who has gained access to your valuable assets. You can monitor your access control system from a PC or smartphone, allowing you to remain in control at all times.

Access Control Integration

Common Access Control Integration Options:

Computer logon authentication – Using an access card to login to a facility network. Once an access card is placed on or near a reader, staff will automatically be logged into the network without entering identification information.

Human resource Integration – Automatically transfers employee information from HR systems to access cards, removing human error during data entry and manual updates when employees change positions or leave the company.

HVAC and lighting integration – Adjusts temperature and lighting based on personalized preferences stored on employee access cards and how many occupants are in an area.

Video surveillance integration – Programs surveillance cameras to record visitors while they access doors.


Our Access Control equipment manufacturers include: Avigilon, AMAG Technology, DSX Access Systems, Inc., Galaxy Access Control, Lenel S2, Open Options Access Technology, and Schneider Electric.

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